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Healthy Roots Institute

Food is the vehicle for our unification; it connects us on a deeper level. When bread is communally broken, magic happens that brings people together and levels the playing field. Yes, our mission is about filling people with delicious and nutritious foods. But it is also about reconnecting with our food—understanding where it comes from, understanding the history of our food system and planting our own seed, so that racial equity and community wealth will be abundant for generations to come. 

The Healthy Roots Institute’s mission is to impact the economy and local food system through food education, culinary training and certification, business training and ongoing professional support for entrepreneurs and businesses.

Meet The Founder

Chef Lachelle has been a dynamic force on the Twin Cities’ food scene and is known for cooking globally inspired comfort food that thwarts unhealthy stereotypes and fuses in global flavors. She began her culinary career by launching Chelles’ Kitchen in 2012 and soon became known for her work as the founding Executive Chef of Breaking Bread Cafe (2015) in North Minneapolis, where she received many accolades for her food creativity and social justice work.