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The Love of Food

Let us share with you the power of holistic healing through the love of food.

An Experience for Everyone

Learn what foods nourish your body and enjoy cooking together.

Learn skills such as how to build flavors, stock your pantry, and use ingredients in versatile ways.

Team building or group training, including cultural diversity and alternative health perspectives.

Food education and holistic healing cooking methods.

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Beyond Soul Food

In this 7 part series, you will dig deeper with Chef Lachelle Cunningham and reveal what has been lost and forgotten about this major pillar in the foundation of American Cuisine. While uncovering the plant-based foundations of Soul Food cuisine and how these nostalgic flavors are built, you will learn some of the medicinal plant wisdom passed down through generations.

Elixir Kitchen

Chef Lachelle Cunningham and Certified Master Herbalist Eva Garrett have joined forces to create Natural Roots Wellness and the Elixir Kitchen where you can join them to investigate the world of plant remedies and nutritional healing. Natural Roots Wellness is a holistic healing collective that connects with the community through workshops, retreats and activities that focus on nutritional, natural and plant remedies.

Urban patio with food on table and warehouse architecture in the background

Urban Wellbeing

Jenny, Lachelle and Suan are building Urban Wellbeing to bring important concepts to the forefront. Urban Wellbeing offers education that helps us think differently about the choices we make surrounding food – how each decision affects more than our waistlines. With each educational offering we aim to inspire and motivate you to make small, sustainable, changes that will positively affect your life and that of our communities. 

The Art and Practice of Good Eating

Cook along with Chef Lachelle and Princess as they share their unique perspectives on living with intention, compassion, and leading with love. During these live “Cooking and Conversation” demonstrations you will learn about how to incorporate mind-body practices into your life, practice self-care, and prepare foods that support digestive and mental health.

Food touches every part of our lives – it nourishes us physically, comforts us emotionally, and influences us mentally. Food is embedded in our spiritual customs and reflects our society and culture. Through local and destination workshops, retreats and activity series, we explore our fondness, appreciation and taste of plant-based healing foods.