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The Business
of Food

Here at The Healthy Roots Institute, we envision an economically viable and sustainable network of diverse food businesses. We are working to build a food economy where there are flourishing food restaurants and businesses that truly support the people behind them.

We educate and support existing and aspiring food business entrepreneurs to develop concepts, write business plans and begin the business start up process: receive food business consulting and coaching designed for entrepreneurs; access workshops and trainings designed for kitchen staff; receive ServSafe Food Safety training for your employees; attend the Plan it Food Biz class at the Neighborhood Development Center.


One on one business consulting. This consultation track includes a business operation assessment, establishing standard operating procedures (including standardized recipes) and training staff.


Neighborhood Development Center

One on one consulting that focuses on helping entrepreneurs successfully launch and maintain their business. This consultation track includes: instruction on business plan development, operations management, standard operating procedures and other high-level business functions.


Manager & Food Handler Certifications

Manager ServSafe training and certification is available. This program ensures that a manager or person-in-charge has sufficient food safety knowledge to protect the public from foodborne illness. Employee-level ServSafe training is available; this training and certification program is for individuals in food handler employee-level positions and is critical for an operation seeking a compliant solution for your employees. The curriculum includes: basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross contamination and allergens, time and temperature control, and cleaning and sanitation.

VoCul – Vocational Culinary Training

Healthy Roots Institute

VoCul, Healthy Roots Institute’s Vocational Culinary Training program, aims to increase area schools’ capacity for serving healthy, locally-sourced, scratch-cooked meals by training individuals seeking careers and employment in the K-12 school culinary setting. This 14-week vocational training program supports the workforce, school foodservice operations, and our regional farm economy.

Future Offerings Include:

  • Culinary Education + Food Business Entrepreneur Training / Hybrid
  • Culinary Education + Kitchen Staff Training / Hybrid
  • Food Business Owner Workshop
  • Aspiring Entrepreneur Workshop
  • Holistic Healer Workshop

Meet The Founder

Chef Lachelle has been a dynamic force on the Twin Cities’ food scene and is known for cooking globally inspired comfort food that thwarts unhealthy stereotypes and fuses in global flavors. She began her culinary career by launching Chelles’ Kitchen in 2012 and soon became known for her work as the founding Executive Chef of Breaking Bread Cafe (2015) in North Minneapolis, where she received many accolades for her food creativity and social justice work.